Builders Cleans

We offer the following builders cleaning services:

Codee Cleaning are fast becoming the company specialising in the heavy duty cleaning work on industrial and residential work sites.

Our specialised supervisors are well versed in planning and executing a builders clean for any size project from a single 4 bedroom house right up to a 200 room hotel site. Codee Cleaning have built an reputation working with both large and smaller sized building companies all over Perth to deliver exceptional results and fast. Our proven strategies with scheduled cleans and the right operators save our clients time and money, we make it our duty to deliver the results that we set out on time and within budget. We really do have a model that works for all builders, our open book policy allows us to give you an upfront an honest expectation on what you can expect from our services. Our cleaners know how to deal with heavy soiled carpets, paint removal, glass cleaning, brick cleaning, and wet area cleans.

Make sure you give one of our staff a call to discuss your next project, you won’t be disappointed.

Sites Serviced